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-Online Books close daily at 11:00AM. We are now accepting walk-ins. Please call the shop for availability.

-Jewelry change outs can be done during your appointment. No need to book a separate appointment.

-You can get 3-4 piercings during one appointment time. If you feel like you may need more than 30 minutes to pick out jewelry, get pierced and go over aftercare please book a double time slot.

-ATC is an 18 and up establishment – we DO NOT do minor piercings even with minor consent.

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Services Offered: All Ear Piercings, Nostril, Septum, Bridge, Eyebrow, Nipples, Navel & VCH.

View Gallery: @kali.harris.beauty
Website: www.kaliharrisbeauty.com
Contact: DM on IG or piercingsbykali@gmail.com

Availability: Sunday, Monday & Thursday
Services Offered: All Ear Piercings, Nostril, Septum, Nipples & Navel

View Gallery: @piercings_by_alia
Contact: DM on IG or piercingsbyalia@yahoo.com

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